Dance With The Universe

Written by: anne p. murray

                                                        ~~ ****~~

Dance with the Universe let your thoughts flow in the winds
Become one with the Creator the moon and the stars
Let your visions build dreams and create who and what your are
Dance in God’s Heavens and be blessed by His all abiding Love

Give mercy unto others who’re struggling and weakened by toils and cares
Pray for grace to fall into their arms ...
Like a babe  who is in need of comfort from the world
Give your blessings to others who may fall short of life’s gifts
Make sure they have help when others turn their faces to the wall
Let your light shine like a candle in the wind- 
Don't hide it away in the dark from others in need of  your light

But most of all…
Dance freely with the Universe for it shall bring you much wisdom, joy and grace
For when you do good unto others - it will bless you three times over in return