Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

~ David Cassidy ~

Sharing a room with my sister 
David was plastered over each and every wall
It's a wonder she'd never got a paper cut or blister
From all the posters she did lovingly install.

David watched me as I fell asleep each night
Smiled at me each morning when I awoke
My sister claimed him hers, citing love at first sight
He would one day be my brother, became our private joke.

When I started dating, in David I would secretly confide
He told me find a good one for "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
To "Strengthen My Love" and look far and wide
Stressing that "Love Is All I Ever Needed" to get me through.

Our David from the soup tells me pretty much the same
His words of comfort and wisdom helped me in times of need
I consider him my Bro, even though we don't have the same last name
No one can ask for a better friend and poet, he is the best indeed!

So Bro, "Ain't No Sunshine" when you're gone
Our prayers are with you and your wife 
Have faith and hope as each new day does dawn
That this is just a temporary bump in the road of life.

With love, your Sis