When My Nightmare Comes To Play

Written by: Carl Fraser

Stuck again in this recurring dream,
where I can't open my eyes;
I scream and there's no sound at all,
but inside I hear the cries.

I'm pushed off of a precipice,
and I watch myself fade away;
I slip further into blackness,
all I can do is pray.

I never hit the bottom,
knowing if I do I'll surely die;
I hear the laughter but no ones there,
my mind can't reason why.

I'm barely holding on to sanity,
and can't tell what's lies or real;
I'm locked so deep within this hell,
where I'm just to numb to feel.

So now I start to wonder,
if perhaps I'm really dead;
And just as that fear grips my soul,
I bolt upright in my bed.

A puddle of sweat surrounds me,
I get up and go about my day;
But dread the next time I lay me down,
and my nightmare comes to play.