Written by: Natasha Thandie

When I say and write this, 
I am screaming at the top, 
Just give me one last kiss, 
Then maybe we can stop. 

I was dreaming, 
The life I was living, 
The time I was saving, 
Now I am leaving, 
Reality is setting. 

I was blinded, 
Being simple minded, 
And maybe Confounded, 
By a promise that was dead. 

Asking for truth and getting lies, 
Getting naive as time flies. 

When you said it was me, 
I thought of how happy we could be. 
Then I got to see, 
I have to set myself free. 

They say you live and you learn, 
But my heart and trust you have to earn. 
And I hope you learned, 
Because the next one might leave you burned.