I Am Enough

Written by: Bryanna Williams

“You cannot change what is a part of you.”
although I've often tried.
My body was never thin enough,
my imperfections I'd always hide.

I smiled when they said I was beautiful,
I laughed when they said I was great.
But it took a long time to believe in their words,
I figured loneliness was my fate.

The boys I wanted didn't want me,
I was tossed, used and torn.
So many took me as a joke,
I crawled inside myself- scared and forlorn.

My self-esteem had let me down,
my belief in myself was nil.
I did not understand where I was headed,
Could not understand until....

I finally decided to believe in me,
I realized that I was worth so much.
This was when I could see through the storm,
when I allowed my soul to be touched.

I sometimes wish for money and love,
when times get distressing and tough.
But I know that I will always love myself,
no matter what---