Written by: Krystal Cochrane

staring at the wall
at nothing in the air
staring without a word
at thoughts barely there
staring while my stomach 
swallows up my heart
staring so I don't move
and startle up my thoughts
staring to protect myself
from your razor words
clawing up my rib cage
burning in my nerves
staring to slow the rat race
of conversations on the loose
staring at mindless accusations
tightening up my noose
staring to save my body
from shaking fits non stop
staring so that time goes by
without a second thought 
staring so I don't feel
any stabbing pain for you
staring so I remember
what you put me through
staring so everyone around me
assumes that I'm ok
staring so I don't look
like another wreck today
staring so I don't analyse
how complex "simple" can be
staring so I don't forget
who I am to me.