Farrewell to Pristine Auroras

Written by: Phillip Knox

I bid farewell to pristine auroras
upon the backdrop of a still clear sky
Venus rising from the distance,
the harbinger of light and shadow.
Intricate shades of pink sprawled 
across the arhed span
like strands beneath a canopy white pavilion.
My nascent thoughts heckling within
yesterdays lingered aimlessly in the wind.
I muse, the sounds of flickering embers
ascend like orangey chariots
amid the chilled winter solstice.
Lucid crystalline firmaments,
enigmatic spheres, pierce snowy-capped
billows, as red nights glare through open space.
I sense the storm of illusions,
sweltering mirages, a barage of hail
on aromatic nightfalls of December months,
breathless, scintillating, enthralled;
I gaze by the ocean's bay.
O slumbering moon that lies on the sable
atmosphere, your bright beams athwart 
the brazen tides;
tell me where the crescent precipice leads,
though heaven's brow suspended
upon this nothingness, emptiness thereof.
I bath in seas of pearls.
Sapphire stars of clustering formations
flaring bejeweled constellations 
among ceaseless mysteries, algorithms
as space and time.
Immortal realms of reams in the deep
shapeless rays of color,
and a thousand spinning pulsars
divide by atract rings of motion
as I bid farewell to pristine auroras.