Written by: Ikenna Igwe


Bound tight by blinding shock,

Captured stiff by coaled astonishment,

Enslaved hard by utter incredulity,

In sight to four tortured sacrifices - 

Humiliated human bonfires to appease the dark lords.

It was a bad dream; a demented nightmare!

And I was being sucked in. I had to wake up, fast!

I awoke - and it stared at me defiantly in the face;

Obdurately reinforcing its reality; I wilted - as I

Stared at the fanatical apostles of nihilism.

We've all become feral animals - maniacal brutes!

Innocent or guilty - it matters not!

Indeed, madness reigns supreme in our midst;

The spirit of unbridled brutality has run amok!

Sick, sick, heads, journeying all over; what barbarism!

A finger pointing; four others looking back.

Tell me, who is innocent? None!

Tell me, who breathes without sin? None!

But, what do we see in the land?

Unhinged lunacy - a morbid display on a polluted earth.

Our shepherds continually play deaf

To the collective desires of their sheep.

The doors of frustration has long blown wide open - 

Rapidly ushering out diverse evils, without measure.

The land is swollen with generational blood;

While truth and equity remains constant illusions.

Remember, wrongly wielding the sword,

Paves straight to perishing by it;

Comeuppance to the vile executioners!

For the painfully departed, right words, I have none.

Ergo, Nigeria, our Nigeria, I plead; for mercy I plead,

On you, on me, on us; for divine fortitude for

All connected with lives, young and not, already lost.

(c) Ikenna.C.Igwe, 2012