Written by: Bryanna Williams

Strive for the down of a more gracious world,
Thrive in the vision of true joy unfurled.

Pray for the day when all men are equal,
Stay for the time when love has a sequel.

Stand for the things that you know to be right,
Understand hardships of souls without sight.

Give to the people who have less than you,
Live to give credit where credit is due.

Endure rocky friendships; forgive and forget,
Ensure that the needs of the nation are met.

Hope for the time that leaves nothing to mourn,
Cope with the trials of change as they are born.

Fight for the wounded in body and heart,
Unite the cultures long-since torn apart.

Speak for the people who haven't a voice,
Seek for the option to be given a choice.

Exist for the change to right wrongs old and new,
Resist any force that defies what you do.