The Beaten Path

Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

Frostily, your teeth clench when you say
Do not let yourself be so bush league:
Turn around, chin up and walk that way!
So, despite my self-doubt and fatigue
And, trusting you, I will go astray.

Having spent my life trying to prove 
Myself something more than a loser
Once again, I find it hard to move
Without advice from my abuser...
But I know you would disapprove.

I possess neither smartness nor luck,
Pre-determined by genetic code
Toward a fate resembling havoc,
When I faced a fork along the road
Your voice smacked me along for luck.

Though my strong preference would have been
To chose the path of least resistance
Mediocrity would be a sin
Since you trained me for persistence...
Yet, still, this road of  humiliation.