The Loud Cloud

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Her cloud cloud came out proud 
and loud this afternoon...
do not mind the clever coward,
she will cow very soon.
The dusky wind has got 
a ploy to paint the moon,
Oh watch her drift away as 
the whirlwind croons!

Doubters like fraudsters 
speculate on shadows
dancings to the sweet 
songs of pilgrim sparrows,
you have got no raindrops
but you cleverly craft a rainbow
while you drown in a 
daylight dream on your pillow

Silence to you is not 
but pure pretence
your heart is immersed 
in impregnable impatience.
A rose in the room you are, 
ripped of her radiance;
why show up in the field, 
feigning fine fragrance?