Fragile Vases

Written by: Joe Flach

Self-esteem is such a fragile vase
Easily shattered by thoughtless words
You can tell by the look upon her face
That the breakage has already occurred

On the verge of becoming a woman
Venturing out into the world on her own
And she is battered by words full of venom
From adults who should better have known

You should build her up and not tear her down
Simply because you envy her for her youth
You’ve already had your night on the town
Don’t destroy her with what you think is truth

The pieces that now lay broken
Are not easily put back into place
You cannot take back words that were spoken
And restore the confidence that you have erased

Allow your child to love herself
And be proud of the vase that she is
Remember your youth and how you once felt
Wanting the confidence to go out and live

By Joe Flach, written for the Picking Up the Broken Pieces Contest