Truth Or Lies

Written by: Joel Lee

There are so many truths out there
Which be the one you chose to believe?
Too much of too many truths to dare
Isn’t it all lies to ultimately achieve?

Minds of many to forever and never be
For the many minds to bring simply a solution
A solution shall another will never see
Shall we then uphold discrimination?

The many truths never to be true
Simply... too many truths were shared amongst
And facing with lies we always knew
I would laugh at how we finally run

Have you lied recently?
To cover a truth only you believe and know
Have you lied deceptively?
When lying is the only way for a truth to behold

There are so many lies out there
Had there be truths you unexpectedly achieve?
Or perhaps lies I’ll rather have to share
Which be the one you have chosen to believe?