Obscure Veil

Written by: Juniper Lock

A prison for me 
without the bars. 
Inside my own heart, 
with all of it's scars. 
I cannot escape, 
although I want to. 
I'd run to your arms. 
while the wind carried me 
to your loving arms of safety. 
I see no simple way out 
of this one woman prison. 
There are chains holding me, 
but I still have my vision 
of you and I alone on a hillside 
and a field of sweet lilacs. 
My vision of you 
it always breaks through 
the breeze gently hums a love song 
that is glimmering with tones of you. 
You reached right into my heart. 
You found the real me not just some crazy girl 
in several parts. 
In fact you dared go one farther... 
you attempted to fix the parts and place them together 
into a lovely array. 
Like a master tailor 
you had your work cut out for you. 
Stitching all of the hurt away 
and getting poked by the needles of my words and temper at times. 
But you never gave up. 
You blew the wistful wind my way. 
I feel your breath upon it today. 
Please never let your wind stop crying for me 
Please give me kisses in moonlit places. 
And stroke me with your silken veils of rapture. 

My love, set me free.