Behold The Wonders Of The Lord

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Behold the mighty wonders of Christ the Lord! Through him, my life has been restored! Behold the mighty acts of his glorious works! He’s touched and healed me of my pain and hurts! Behold his wonderful beauty in his works displayed! His love and grace in my life have been made! Behold the almighty king! His majesty I exalt! Christ is magnificent! One can find no fault! Behold the mighty works of his glory revealed! Through his acts of kindness… I am healed! Behold the majestic risen and glorious king! He’s my Lord and savior! My everything! Behold the beautiful things he’s going to do! His faithfulness to me is forever and true! The wonders of my Lord are truly magnificent! I invited him in, to be my heart’s resident! This same Jesus is here and waits for your choice. Won’t you listen to his loving and gentle voice? Whosoever will, come and receive him with no delay… This can be your moment! This can be your day! By Jim Pemberton>center>