Stand tall

Written by: ebony bedford

Damn its so funny,how *****
happens(ya laughing like)what the 
hell happend I thought I was the 
Captain?imma grown ass woman 
and B.S. it aint happen..DAMN you 
get cheated and fellas think 
you.conceided(GONE)!!Man I aint 
gone lie thats the *****that make u 
cry,the *****that makes you high,to 
the point you wanna die..But nawl I 
dont get high!HAHA!*****my lifes my 
high..Ive done been through it,seen 
it all,money spent,feins and all..but I 
still STANDTALL.WHAT! I dont 
fall,fallen is for weaks,and for weaks 
you can defeat,and defeat it will 
repeat and repeat it just repeat..