Our Savior's Reflection

Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

She still remains just out of reach,
the other, better me,
for a thousand flaws weigh me down
like stingers on bumblebees.

Oh, how I want to change,
to shine my small light far,
for time is as harsh as mankind,
forgetting fallen stars. 

Angels beseech to keep the peace,
do as you’d have done,
turn your cheek and forgive all,
follow God’s risen Son.

All is possible, this is true,
when we live with love,
yet days I waste in argument
with words which twist and shove.

Each dawn brings its share of lessons
if I let myself grow,
then open up my guarded heart
and kindness always show.
One day, I pray I’ll face the mirror
with dazed recognition,
blessed to see that I’ve but become
our Savior’s reflection.