Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

Sometimes I get scared
Of my own heart beat
It echoes thoughts 
I had buried somewhere
At the pit of my conscience
All my thoughts
Make me wish my mind
Wasn't this active
And that my alter ego wasn't so bold
She refuses to let me hide
From loving you senseless
I'd simply want to know why
But ur eyes sometimes begs me
To not question
Their intense stare soothes
The waves of my emotions
They have a gentleness
That I know is near God
Deep brown pools 
That draws me close to madness
I wish I could show you
Properly how it happens
But what do I know of feelings
When all I've been 
Is a girl who only walks
Through the world with caution
Who blinds her mind from all
Who thinks guns can be traded
For lilies
And that emotions can be contagious
Naïve maybe
But its all I know
I love you dangerously
I await your smile
With a praying heart
And a giving soul