I Know She Does Not Think of Me

Written by: Terrell Martin

I know she doesn’t think of me
As I think of her in kind;
Like gentle rain on flowers dancing 
Easy on my mind. 
She doesn’t know what I don’t show so
Deep within my being;
This feeling of forever-ness
And loveliness I’m seeing. 
The way she walks, talks and whispers
Softly like a breeze;
Flowing like a river sweetly 
To the wistful, waiting sea. 
Perchance she does not recognize
The way I turn within
Into someone other than 
The man I’ve always been.
From day to day and year to year 
As clear as mirrors tell; 
Until she looks into my eyes 
And casts her magic spell.
As real as any dream comes true 
And hatred has no bite;      
I’m sure she feels the way I do
As sure as wrong is right.
Dare I say she’s mine today     
Without more than wishful hope;
To touch her hand and understand 
I’m up against the ropes.
With blood stained cheeks from restless sleep
Deep down on the canvas floor;
Where I lie dying and see her flying
In my mind forevermore.