Poet Thought Rhyme Time

Written by: Travis Lone Hill

Uhh Yeah people look..... 
Its Poet thought rhyme time...My words fly so high 
in the sky they so freaking bright 
in the days darkness until the night shine 
Words of courage here poeple there aint no frightline 
Dying to Live you see the last of my lifeline 
Plop....drop there it go Flatline 
Death come slowly rigormortis ohhh life goes on thats fine 
Life til death these my words people I dare you to jack mine 
I was concrete locked up until I got locked down steel bars Im no stranger to crime
 words of thought.... words of truth people line after muther ****ing line.......I know You feel my words.....I know you know you feel my write......All real speak talk no lying.......Im doing the poetic thing now people Im no longer trying.....
 life is hard in the American third world is hard among a poeple and culture slowly dying
 I know many of us live wrong trying to get *****in life right 
Trapped in the storm blizzard street drug addicted plights 
Walking amongst people trying to act as if they blind with no sight 
But we still breathing here people so I know everthing is going to be alright......Yeah people I think its poetic thought ryhme time......