From A Distance

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

From A Distance

From a distance we're are able to see the stars shine
And know how magical they light up the skies
They were here for a purpose, to show us a sign
That what seems dark, light captivates its mysterious side

From a distance we can sense a ship lost at sea
Without ever knowing its call for a rescue
Maybe it’s being aware that a lighthouse is always there for us to see
Knowing that we will never truly be lost within its light’s hue

From a distance we can see tomorrow’s sunrise
Not because we heard the forecast for the current day
Because we can just imagine how beautiful it will be to shine in our eyes
Even though the sun exists so many miles away

From a distance we can relive memories we cherish so dear
Through timeless echoes a moment is captured by one’s ear
Our minds see the smiles on loved ones faces that draws them near
To our heartstrings that will forever embrace the love they left here

From a distance we all communicate here on the soup
Friendships have been created even though so many miles stand us apart
For we continue to hold the rays from that lighthouse that keeps shining through
So we’ll never face a day to see one of us lost within the dark….