Written by: Suzette Richards

A                 Baner Dewi Sant                                                                 -
V           St David’s flag – Patron saint                                                     of
I        Wales. Probably born in the sixth                                           century.                             
D     Gold cross on coal black – armorial banner                             of St David.
-  Representing the 38th Welsh Division in the Second World War.   Not part of 
Y Union Jack. On St David's Day, 1 March, the  Baner Dewi Sant is flown. Spring
O    daffodils appear and traditionally children in Wales carry golden daffodils and 
U     wear the national Welsh costume with its black hat.    Daffodil is the national 
-      flower of Wales and symbolizes chivalry. The leek is a symbol of Wales and 
A       this vegetable is usually depicted in paintings of David.      During a battle 
R       against the Saxons, the Welsh fighters followed David's advice to identify
E       themselves on the battlefield by wearing a leek in their hat. During hand
-      to hand combat,      it must have been difficult to prevent the leek from
I     falling off the hat, or even keeping a hat on one's head. Who knows     – 
N   maybe this was a cunning plan of the Welsh warriors to slay the Saxons who 
- just stood there laughing. One day whilst preaching a sermon at Llanddewi Brefi,
M    the ground on which he stood miraculously rose up so that the crowd could see     
Y     him. A dove with           a golden beak flew to David and settled on his shoulder.
-                                                  The dove is described in the Bible as a symbol 
P                                                    of the Holy Spirit. St David was canonized by 
R                                                                  Pope Callistus II in the year 1120.
A                                                                             Baner Dewi Sant                                                                 
E                               © 2012 Suzette Richards

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Please note that I have won many first place positions with my poetry (some of the poems I have deleted), but this CONCRETE poem is very special to me as it was written for a special person here on PoetrySoup. ~Su