Lord You're Admirable

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Lord, You’re Admirable!

Lord Jesus, You’re wonderful 
and admirable!
What you’ve done for me is so wonderful!

Lord Jesus, What you’ve done.  
I’m so excited!
Into your arms of love...  
I am delighted!

Lord Jesus, the taste of your love is pure joy!
The abundance of life fro you… 
 I do enjoy!

You’ve done for me what no one else could.
No one before you didn’t care
 or understood!

You came and picked me up from hopelessness!
And breathed into my life
your righteousness!

You took away my sin, guilt and shame.
You did this the moment
 I called on your name!

Thank you my Lord!  My savior and friend!
For giving me the privilege 
of being born again!

I’m blessed and honored
 to be able to know you!
I just wanted to say how much

By Jim Pemberton