Imperial Corporate Jurisprudence, The Lurid Leviethan Part One -

Written by: Justin Bordner

I was born unto a woman and a man, and a government,
this was the Trinity, these were my employers,
entrance into this magical melee was acknowledged with a certificate of birth,
and with nefarious numbers, debt digits,

from my parents i received sustenance, shelter, and a satisfactory starting point,
from my masters I was given models of obedient predessesors,
education was enrollment into a systematically subtle indoctrination
advocating surrender to the State by believing that we are the State,
patriotic bait,

a powerful dellusion is pretending to be Free by dominating others,
subsequently limiting synergistic enterprise,
ergo delivering our wealth to mongers of hate,
children offering alligence to ambiguous symbols representing ill defined principles,
neophytes showering immolations of precious soul onto alters of commonality,
regimented little Beings, trained for the torments of listless labor markets,
blind bees searching the plantation for enervating amenities, subdued sensabilities,
some will go to war, some to the frenzy of factory,
many shall toil in a sundry of slavish services,
some will reinforce the dogma, all will perish as coy chattel,

this is how the money machine manufactures social stratifications that divide & devour
the minions lowered into slow strangulation of economic ditches,
the process commences religiously with a receipt documenting your arrival
into the Firm, to pay taxes, receive stipends, a contractual stipulate, subservience,
upon accepting tax refunds, licenses & other civil benefits we forfiet our sovereignty
to centralized government, beauracracies bequeathing the prison mantle,
when you realize that countries are  companies
and  the citizens are volitional assets performing as employees,
commercial law becomes master of ceremonies,
international courts, treaties, constitutions, banks & multinational business conglomerates
determine  the geopolitics which supercede national agendas,

civilization is an organization & an organism orientated towards propigation,
preservation, profit & racial proliferation,
but these goals are managed by surveilence,
infrastructure is priority for the elite,
traditions, truth, knowledge, amity, culture, language, art, race, nature
are entirely sacraficial,
only control and Legion are inviolable,

J.A.B. Copyright - 2012  

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