Lonesome George For Billy

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Lonesome George  is Gone

The Pinta Tortoise breed is no more
He was discovered in 1972, six hundred miles from Ecuador.

He was the only one left the others have died out
They tried to breed poor George but he was no sex lout
They tried and tempted him with females, all tortoises but not the same DNA
But lonesome George was uninterested, he didn’t want to play.

100 hundred years old, they thought old George was when he did die
I’m not sure - but I don’t think many men would even try
I think it may have been the strain of tempting him to sin
Parading females round his haven waiting for him to get stuck in.

Many men would love it, that I do believe
But poor George couldn’t get it up their frustrations to relieve
They say he died stretched out perhaps, he had a go
But maybe she got fed up waiting, and decided she would go.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings and telling him not to worry
Perhaps she was getting bored and told him he should hurry.
Poor George they will not leave alone they will necropsy him today
I wonder if anyone thought, poor George may have been gay.
© 26/06/2012~GG~

Hi Billy this is the ine I was telling you about.