Acceptance drug

Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Intoxication pierces through
Purest form of the drug
Pumping through veins
Heart beating faster
Hammering harder and harder
Breathing out of control
Pulling at hair
A high close to overdose

Eyes roll back
Ecstasy spreads in the core
Tickling as it moves
Gripping chest
Pounding near explosion
Gasping for air
Shadows surround for battle
Awaiting surrender

Unable to focus
Beyond a control
Body relinquishes power
Heart ruptures
Hyperventilation til unconscious
Death of one
Bound anew
Fused immortality

Bliss undescribed, unversed
Swells, boils, over pours
Seeping inside and out
Unity with another being
Understood and accepted
Mentally puzzled
Unable to digest
The possibility of being found