There was a Time

Written by: Eileen Manassian

There was a time…
When the world was mine
When everything held wonder
There was reason and rhyme.

There was a time…
When a touch held magic
When a smile was a haven
And only fallen ice cream was tragic.

There was time…
When I felt safe and secure
My dad was a Superhero
With a love that would endure.

There was a time…
When Mother’s love was a light
When MS didn’t control her
When she didn’t give up the fight.

There was a time…
When wonderland was near
I saw it in the snow… the rain
And in faces so dear.

There was a time…
When I didn’t ask why
I knew we’d live forever
No one I loved could die.

There was time…
When ignorance was still bliss
And the pain went away
With a lover’s sweet kiss.

But now is the time…
When I clearly see
There are broken branches
In my family tree.

This is the time…
When I know every story will end
Sickness and betrayal
Might be around the bend.

This is the time…
I see that beauty won’t last
Cause I’m just too scared 
By the sins of my past.

This is the time…
When nothing does surprise
Instead of fresh sweet rain
Bombs fall from the skies

And yet….
The little girl in me
Still believes
That the best of life
Is in this moment….
This time!