Written by: Amber Underwood

  Sitting there thinking, looking back on your past. Remembering the good and bad memories. Some make you wonder what you where ever thinking and then some make you smile ear to ear just like you were that day and some you remember how happy you were and how much you miss that person but they were ripped from you and now you alone in the dark with nothing but memories.

  As you sitting there reminiscing on all the times you've had you begin to wonder. Why did this happen? Why did this happen like this? Why me? Life is full of why's and if's. You just have to know what choice to make and how to answer life greatest questions. With every movement there's a purpose. With every tear there's a person causing it to fall. With every laugh there's someone there to share it with you. 

  When you're sitting there, do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you never met that person and had that moment? Sometimes life has a funny way of doing things. You may feel like sometimes its for the worst when really its for the best. Sometimes its just to have those memories to reminisce on when you're sitting there talking to your grandchilderen. Sometimes life is unexplainable. You live day by day, moment by moment, and you will never know what to expect. 

  Life is nothing but something to reminisce on. Whether it just happened now, a week ago, months ago, or many years ago. Each moment will always be there with you. When you sit there and reminisce on all the times you had make sure you cherish each one.