My Dream

Written by: mary shiela galicia

You came into my life unexpectedly
Happiness and love, you truly brought to me
I never imagined i will love you so tenderly
But everything is destined, and fate gave you to me.

Days passed and so love grew
Everyday i see you, though we are far we knew
That distance doesn't matter for people who love so true
My dream is to love you, and that's what i will do.

Then came the storm and we were shaken
Tears fell, and my heart was broken
I thought to let go was the best thing to do
And so you left, somehow lonely too.

Then after a month, you came back into my life
You will never know how i felt knowing that you're back
Then i told myself, i'll never let go again
I will hold on to my life, my soul mate and my dream.