Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

A child himself, just a boy with a bike
who gave a lift to a twelve year old girl
on his handlebars, down a county road.
Neither could know that a killer would strike
or that some of Lynn Harper’s becoming curls
would softly house blow flies, maggots and toads.

Unspeakable acts, a horrific crime,
Then a fourteen year old was crucified,
Remember the name of Stephen Truscott,
a teenager who served ten years of time
because Justice lied. 

*A curtal sonnet rhyme scheme, though mine is not iambic pentameter 


In June of 1959, Stephen Truscott, 14, was charged with the rape and murder of 12 year old Lynn Harper. The investigation was rushed and badly botched. Stephen testified that he dropped her off an intersection and watched as she got into a car. Witnesses were ignored and the evidence was circumstantial, yet Stephen spent 10 years in prison. After years of decrying his innocence, the Canadian government awarded him 6.5 million dollars in 2008 for a miscarriage of justice.