Disaster waiting to happen

Written by: Seren Roberts

Oh  my here I go again
Thinking I am 9 not 29
I have spied a trampoline
Longing to try, will bide my time.

It is in a neighbours garden
I will wait til night is here
Will sneak in and have a  try
It looks fun nothing to fear

BUT I forgot that disaster
Is my middle name it seems
Cos just as I was getting the hang
I missed the edge and my dreams

Cos here i am with legs entangled
In the rope around the side
Cant get up or off it seems that
Dangling like this I cannot hide

Luckily the dog had followed me
I sent her off to get my Tad
He came running over 
Saw me dangling and laughed out loud

Seren when will you grow up
Stop having the wants to have a go
Cut the lecture Tad I answered
The bathroom is needed, right now.

So he helped me to untangle
Legs and feet which were entwined
Looking  backwards at the trampoline
I think I will change my mind.