Earthly Bonds of Time

Written by: Sherry Asbury

I Feel the Bonds of Earthly Time 
 Daily this earth becomes more a mirage.
Reality fades with the passage of time.
I feel the bonds that tie me here starting
to loosen, becoming threads that will break.

I feel the bonds of earthly time slipping away
as I yearn for my heavenly home with Jesus.
Where pain will be no more, I will be free
to run and play as if I were a merry child.

No more war, hate, crime and poverty where
I am going on that Glory Train coming closer.
Beauty will be real and lasting, no artifice...
No false words to grind my bones to dust.

No fear of terrorists and their killing bombs.
No food priced higher than my purse can afford.
No more sickness tying me to my bed of pain.
No more worry that eats away my very soul.

I feel the bonds of earthly time slipping away...