Mommy is right here, no fear

Written by: Delilah Ventura

I'm so tire of picking up all these pieces, falling to the ground
Each time, I think things are getting better, worse comes along
Pounding my head in stones, causing boorishness in my soul
I can no longer love you, or look for you, my love, sweet love
My blessings are hurting, from this separation in our castle
Bricks are crumbling down, one by one, I must rebuild......

We now live in darkness, lack of food, and raindrops everyday
You left everything in the garden, causing me to regrow the roots
But, it's hard, it's difficult, trying to put smiles on my blessings
Finding gold to bring us light, or a blue plate, bringing peace......

The tears I hold inside, the pride I must swallow, and continue life
Showing my blessings, mommy is right here, holding you in the dark
Mommy is right here, giving you a feedbag, keeping you full
Nor fear or tears, shall enter your innocent souls, I stand strong.......

I'm ready for any bullets or knives, sent my way, to bring me down
For I will continue to live, and not let this separation bring me down
I will only continue, to pick up all the broken pieces, you left in the garden
I will not fall down.......

Delilah Ventura