my song of sorrow part 1

Written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

I sing to you my song of sorrow
A song from my bittered-heart
To call your consent to solemn-meeting
Tears rolled down my face
Like when the sky is profusely-cryin g
I wailed till my very physical-eyes saw nothing
It was so great that I bathe inmy tears
Its just for you,
-You the children of end time!
In thy presence faith and church are dying
And the kingdom race is less-running
Those who stand among you to run are falling
-and those who hath fallen are dying
The more the heaven is getting near
The less you're striving to enter
O children of end time!
You seek after girl-friend & boy-friend
-till you're completely lost in lust
You clothe thyself with the garment of wickedness
You bring thy arrogance-shoul ders-up against your parents
I wailed for you,
-Only God knows if I would stop wailing
Your hair-style is like the hair of a goat
-when he arose in his anger
You kill the cities with the slangs of thy mouths
The slangs like ancient-incanta tions
All in the name of "swagger"
I blow for you now the flute of salvation
Because days, months and years are like an uprooted-flower
When sun-set, it withers
Repent now before you sleepbeneath the sand