The Bedpost

Written by: Susan Burd

There is a collection
On my bedpost.
I hope I’m the one to
Gather the most.

My friends and I all have
Bet each other
To see who can gross out
Their dear mother.

So I work every day
To make it grow
And keep it real tidy
In a neat row.

And last time I checked
Mine was the best
So I think it is time
To give it a test.

Then I call to mom
To come and see
My special collection,
Neat as can be.

When she opens the door,
I point to it.
And as I hoped, she has
A royal fit.

“What the Sam Hill?  I can’t…
Believe my eyes!”
Yup!  My booger collection
Won the grand prize!

By Susan Burd © 2011