The World As I See It

Written by: Khaleel Graham

The world as I see it isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies
More like a huge on and off storm
Gray and glum, barely freeing sunlight
Save the shiny trickling beams
Down the crevice within the clouds
Where the gloomy sky is ruled by corruption and greed
And the abundant puddles are overtaken by misfortune and impoverishment
The storms exist from colliding air pressures
Which have different ideals and proposals
But cease to get along
And because of them, small organisms on the surface
Must live through conflict 
And suffer through the consequences of social injustice
But cries are answered
And the heavens respond
When the clouds part and the sea stills
And those narrow trickles of light
Turn into full on oceans
And light floods the surface instead of water
The colliding forces compromise
And everyone else finally benefits
From the world’s delicacies
Although it was not what was originally intended