What Tomorrow May Bring

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

What Tomorrow May Bring I don’t quite know what tomorrow may bring But I know the roads I’ve traveled and where I’ve been I know that everything will blossom again this coming spring So I must embrace the coming winter storms with strife until then I don’t quite know what the future has in store for me But I do know that at this current moment I’m looking ahead Waiting to see a glimpse of destiny Wanting to be able to accept it without any dread I don’t quite know why the birds have an instinct to sing But I do know that their song brings meaning to my days So does looking forward to what tomorrow may bring Showing me that life is able to grow through the sunshine in so many ways I don’t quite know why some roses actually bloom in winter’s chill All I know is that their elegant beauty paints a canvas with the winter’s snow Perhaps the roses are waiting until What tomorrow may bring, giving life to the rest of the flowers to grow