Answers On A Postcard

Written by: Owen Yeates

I had an awful dream last night
Chased by a figure dressed in white
I tried so hard to run away
Could not find a place to stay

I'd had the dream the night before
Chased by a figure dressed in black to the floor
I tried hard again to run away
Still could not find a place to stay

So maybe I will not sleep tonight
In case the figure in black or white
Chase me and I can't get away
Chase me for I have nowhere to stay

Perhaps I should confront it face to face
In sleep I'm afraid, is that a disgrace
Why do these figures in black and white
Come out to chase me in my sleep at night

Why is it that I run away?
Why can I not find a safe place to stay?
Will this terrible dream ever end?
Answers on a postcard please my friend 

Whats Your Fear