The inverted world is more appealing than this one

Written by: The First Born The First Forgotten

Amidst this world composed of zeroes and ones, one may find nothing but fake feelings.
When in doubt, look for reason, when lost and don't know where reason is, seek for the looking glass. For it does not lie.

When convinced that out there are that special someone waiting for you, find yourself in the inverted world and get, yet, another glimpse of why this is not what shall be.

Look closely, think deep, understand, the pleasures of this life are not for your taking.
When you fathom this, you will find some peace, then, the strenght to do what must be done.
When a tree is dead, it must be cut down.

Seek the looking glass, for it does not lie, and spy what others see and you forget and deny,
while being fooled by the beauty of the butterflies, about how they shimmer and how the glimmer before those sad eyes,
within this fake world of zeroes and ones of faked and forced feelings.
I must repeat, so you must not forget.

The lies, the tales of deceive, all found at the tips of fingers and tongues will put you astray, just remember the looking glass, the reflection showing of why they lie...

But fear not, for the best is yet to come, and it is when your husk find its demise.
The confort you desire lies on the other side.

When you be fed of what you choose to believe its not faked, ye shall find me there.
Of chains and blood free, for it is the life and, also, the roots of suffering, as a shade, I must wait for you there.

Until the roads become dust, I shall wait for you there, for here I have noone.