The Choice

Written by: Eugene Harvey

The Choice is…
there each day as we awake
with us as we lay down to sleep
before us every waking moment
unwavering and never-ending
always trying to get our attention
omnipresent even as we weep

The Choice is…
the spirit within us we do not see
ever diligent in its efforts to persuade
unceasing, neither harmful nor benign
universal, but will never ever quit
constantly reminding us it must be made

The Choice is…
everyday situations beyond our control
present when at our best or worst
embedded in our every thought
trials and tests we hope to avoid
human nature’s mortal enduring curse

The Choice is…
mindful of our emotions and feelings
an incessant decision we all must make
innately present, ingrained at birth
forever enduring beyond death’s
final journey every soul must take.

© Eugene Harvey