Time Through And Time Through

Written by: Shelton Brown

She says "I do more than you." 
And while that may be true, true, true. 
Does it really matter? The things that we do? 
Tell me, would our love be the same? 
Something worth a picture frame?

The things that we say won't matter, 
When said with a heavy heart, 
Please don't think I enjoy saying these words, 
They're really quite tart.

I know this wasn't what you wanted, 
Again I've disappointed you, 
Do you long for what we once had? 
Or do you wish to start anew?

It seems I mess things up, 
Time through and time through, 
But what I really need to know, o
Does your heart really see me? 
Or is this simply wishful thinking?

When I riddle these words, 
I feel free as a bird. 
I try to communicate, 
But when I riddle you, 
You hesitate to riddle back, 
Time through and time through.

I guess I've said what I can, 
I'm not here for debate, 
Though I should probably do something, 
Before your love twists to hate.