Fear of - Not Enough Love

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Fear of - Not Enough Love" love is the key to living a valuable life one fear plaguing my mind is not sharing love enough embracing every heart; thus eliminating strife through good times, but moreso, when things get rough. fear remains a strong emotion holding one captive a prisoner entrapped in flesh and bone sweet love erases fear for humans are reactive to a soft touch surrounding a soul who feels alone. i shutter to realize so many dwell in pain from lonely thoughts of being pushed aside my fear of not extending love and leaving them in vain so everyone would enjoy that special glow inside. with my fearless persona, I find a way to give a golden opportunity to lend a helping hand encircle those who have a need with a great will to live and fear will be defeated through love in life so grand. *For Tanya Harris's What's Your Fear? Contest.