Written by: andrew delapruch

eyes open wide
with all intent possible
glistening lips & tongue buried
deep down in
with legs splayed round
devouring & 
with hands gripped,
hell bent on bringing
said partner to the greatest
pleasure that s/he can muster &
she moans greatly
the satisfaction she’s never known,
thankful as
he who lying back
feels rock hard stiff with
every drop of blood rushing
down down
& her/his mouth round
engulfed in the nanoseconds of
the moment,
pulling in &
doing all in her/his power to
make him burst
make him burst
make him burst with
thankfulness in a euphoria that
he just can’t believe---
giving for the sake of
wanting to give for the 
sake of wanting &
enjoying the moment of
making another happy in the
bliss of the two together
making each other feel
this physical thrashing &
feeding of the 
unselfishly &
pure in its