Viper Inside of You

Written by: jett franco

Your smile's the wildest desert viper, ruthless villains want to conquer.
Are venom in my heart's soul; undying linear admiration.
Heaven is your presence within hell, their envious destruction.

You hold my soul before cage of abyss and pressures.
Give the unimaginable joy, man could dream inventing.
Shoulder my spirit's cry, destroyed by their  wicked hate.
Covers my soul with enchanted wizardry, they never find destruction.

I found the joyous compound before  deadly fears they give.
With you all peace and love could be more at hand.
I treasure every blood and pain within what I fight for.
And remembering your desert beauty is a drug for my soul.

Within the moon's smile no larger and brighter than your lunar smile.
Within the heaven felt with you in the day in hell our body collide.
I Treasure your shadow longer than your spirits laugh.
Waiting the time I'll taste the viper of the wildest desert I had.

The nectar may not be what I want but the smile in you.
The soul may not be my hope but the lovely love in it.
The hair may not be the sweetest smell but the woman shadow.
The star might not shine but with you earth could live forever.