Hitting On Lady October

Written by: David Whalen

I’d like to grab Lady October And steal away with her To my private lair I’d like to shake free The autumn leaves That decorate her hair I’d like to gaze Thru autumns haze Into her walnut eyes Hold her tight in thrall Until next Fall…or.. At least til Winter dies But she’s much too clever For me to ever Cause her sap to rise She’ll leave me cold Though I might make so bold To tell her old man’s lies I’d like to have her Lay with me Share my bed, my love, my life But she turns me down With a frosty frown Says “old man, get a life!” So who says life is fair? Not me says I, with wistful sigh Who knows? Perhaps next year I’ll get lucky…(and she’ll come around) At least I’ll give it a try!