Christ Is My Everything

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Christ Is My Everything!

Christ is my everything!  My all in all!
He meets my needs!  Both great and small!

Christ gives what I need! He satisfies!
He gives living water that never runs dry!

Christ has brought his love to me! 
 I am blessed!
He provides comfort to me,
and a haven of rest!

He gives what no other power could bring!
He is my righteousness, my lord and king!

He provides forgiveness 
and healing this hour!
He gives the strength 
I need by his power!

Christ is our everything!  
What more could we ask?
He gives us an unfailing love,
 that will always last!

Christ is our everything!  
Won’t you trust him?
Won’t you invite him in and accept him?

Everything you’ll ever need,
 you can find in his name.
Through Christ… An abundant life, 
you can obtain!

By Jim Pemberton