Sorrows Reflection

Written by: Khaleel Graham

A man feels that the world’s against him,
He ends up being the laughing stock,
Is called ignorant by many,
Trying to stand tall, he hides this sadness, no, this is deeper, sorrow,
He hides his sorrow behind a mask,
A mask that makes people laugh,
A mask that makes him look happy,
But people close know it’s a fake,
Made fun of because of his outer appearance,
Because he was so different,
He would keep it bottled up,
So much that they would pour out of his eyes,
When he was fake laughing,
People would see this sadness, and ask, “What’s wrong?”
And he would reply, “Nothing.”
The world he lives in,
The world he interacts with,
Treats him like dirt,
Adds more to his misery,
The man looks into the mirror to see his reflection,
And what appears?
A man that looks just like me