Written by: Theresa Rossouw

Precious butterfly, soft and gentle, wings of silk and seams
 you are the beauty of my dreams, my hope in greatness and special things;a delight in multi coloured wings. 

From your birth, my daughter pure, you filled my heart with mirth, an
d your love was a gift so sure, so true, so precious, so rare and sweet, no greater gift, any woman could meet. 

Your little fingers grasped mine, with might, your lips suckled to their hearts delight, at my breast, you always found your peace and rest. 

Time has flown and you have grown. Into a swan; and your butterfly wings have lost their rainbow light, and made place for long, langy legs, and breasts and hair, and beauty of young womanhood. You are now a a jewel both rare and absolute. 

One day I will have to give you away, and for your love and joy, for ever pray, you'll live your own life, and my arms will be empty and hollow, but you will always be one of the reasons, I believe in a new tomorrow. 

Dedicated to my daughter Belinda.
© by Theresa Rossouw