Written by: Theresa Rossouw

 Faith is an action a way of life. To trust without waivering, without fear or doubt, to believe in today,tomorrow and all the goodness that God is about.
 The knowing that with love and joy, you will be reaping a harvest of plenty, after the sowing.
 Sharing the hope in a future bright, standing firm in God's loving light.
 Singing hymns of praise and joy, always thanking, e
venthough our hearts are breaking. 
Knowing deep inside that God will always be our faithful guide, always keeping us close at His side. Covered and sheltered, we grow and soon for the world our fruits to show. 
Faith the backbone of our spirit's skeleton, we are armoured and blessed, in the knowledge we serve, the Father, Spirit and Son. 
Growing trees of love and hope we bow and bend in the wind,of storms and waves, always aware that no matter how;our God always helps,always saves.
 The beauty of faith our eyes makes bright, our day a victory in every way,our trust in God, our faith, His heart's delight.