Chestnuts For Fall

Written by: Zach Nathan

One day I visited the park with my family.
We ate some PBJs and various other sandwiches. 
I decided to walk off with my journal to study the various hues of leaves.
Trees of gold, scarlet, and bright titian surround me. 
There, through the mosaic of colour, I see a special tree. 

A chestnut tree. 
Tall, majestic, and surrounded by dozens of burgundy buck eyes.

A beautiful display, indeed.
I retrieved one of the nuts, examining it.
Waves and bands of rich auburn and enticing garnet.
A spot of creamy alabaster. 

Chestnuts, the most beautiful nut I have yet seen. 
I collect 25, 
because I just love to look, 
At those beautiful chestnuts.